Hair Transformation: Going Balayage

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Hair Transformation:

From Ash Blonde to Balayage!

A drastic hair transformation before the year 2015 ends turns out not bad at all!

Stepping out from the usual brunette color and cutting the dream mermaid hair was a huge decision I made. I'm sure girls with long hair would understand my dilemma. The length is already hitting my butt, it takes some extra minutes to wash my hair and comb it every morning. But the advantage of having an extra long hair gives me the chance to curl it the way I want it to be and it stays long! And yet, I still took the risk! To finally cut my hair and go balayage.

Before I proceed to this recap of my hair transformation, the salon that will be featured as I further tell my story did NOT sponsor this post. The expense was paid by my boyfriend as my early Christmas gift from him since he knew that I've been drooling about having a change on my hairstyle after 2 long years! (the previous one was when I got a digiperm sponsored by Park Jun's)

My hair isn't "alagang salon hair", I'm not sure if I should feel unfortunate about not having to be pampered always by salon professionals. It's not that I don't have the budget, I just did not grew up exposed to this kind of girly things and my hair doesn't need that extra professional attention. If you read my previous post (my first hair transformation | link here), I mentioned that my hair is naturally straight, I haven't tried rebond, cellophane, hair spa and the like. I remembered that I got a hot oil when I was in high school and not really happy with the result, it's like "mom just wasted some cash for this, she should've bought me a box of ice cream". 

I've been box coloring my hair using Revlon so many times. Sometimes my mother do the coloring or if she's unavailable, I do it myself! Multiple applications made my hair dry though. I do not really give my hair an extra care aside from the usual shampoo and conditioner. 

What makes me decide to seek professional help is because I want an ombré. Simply because its the trend, and I seriously want a red-blonde ombré hair but according to my research and coming from the hairstylist himself, red color will only last for 3 weeks and if you're lucky and with extra maintenance, it may last longer up to 2 months. They said it's because of the pigmentation and so on. You may just Google the details but to cut the story short, you will pay thousands for a short-term red colored hair even if it's bleached or not. Proven and tested by yours truly because I tried to box color my hair using a red shade, it works! But for some reason it only lasts for 1 month. Sad life! and what a waste of money.

So before I finally decided to go for Balayage instead of my dream ombré hair, I googled first how to ombré. And after watching tons of videos, I noticed they keep on mentioning "bleaching the hair". So I googled what's bleaching. To simplify, it's like turning your natural hair color to a lighter shade. And if you want to have much lighter hair color, somewhat close enough to white, you have to undergo to multiple bleaching process. I am telling you, bleaching alone is expensive! I think the minimum is 3k to 5k depends on the length of hair to be bleached! So it's really an investment just like what I've read on articles. 

The main reason why I chose Balayage over ombré is because it's more beautiful and easy to maintain. As what I've said, I don't visit a salon more often so if my natural roots would pop out as my hair grows, it will look natural. It's like soft highlighting.

So if you're a brunette, you'll have some sort of blonde. Then a lighter blonde, to a much more lighter color. They said, having close enough whitish blonde, the more advantage you can try the pastel colored hair. That's the trick of those girls who have pastels on their head. For more infos, I suggest you google it!

Okay! Let's jump into my story.

Since I have a longggg hair! and the tip (I think at least 5 inches) are the part that had undergone to digiperm 2 years ago. It's really dry that I have to finally let the hairstylist chop 'em off! He suggested to a layered style to give volume and to emphasize the highlights of balayage. So here's the process flow:
  • washed my hair
  • cut and styled it
  • applied the bleaching process using foils
  • wait at least 30 mins (if I'm correct?! haha)
  • then colored the rest of the "unbleached" hair an ash brown color
  • then wait again
  • washed my hair
  • and it's done!
He curled it! Because balayage is the best for beach soft wavy hair.
See the photos below so you can visualized what I mean to my very short process flow.

Apologies for the low-quality photos. We just used an Iphone but I inserted a high-quality photo of my new hair style. Just look for the first photo above this post! :)

So if you also want a balayage kind of hair, here's the salon details:

David's Cut - The Expert Salon
Senior Stylist - Mr. Bench Braga
Contact No. 0975-206-1659
Time: 9:00am-6:00am | Day-off: Tuesday
Address: Mart1 Center, Guadalupe Commercial Complex, #1 EDSA, Makati City

The salon is quite small though, if I'm going to rate the place, its 3.5/5. But I'm happy with the result so I think it's okay to give you some details. The service is not that bad, but not very good.
Salon experience ratings: 4/5

This is NOT a sponsored post, all contents are all from yours truly.
Til my next hair adventure!

Love Always,
Maria Hazel


  1. Can i ask if how much because i'm also planning to balayage my hair at david's salon.

    1. I forgot the exact price but I think we got this on promo on Metrodeal for 2k only. :)

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