Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Thursday, February 25, 2016

It was literally cold when we took these photos. Can you spot the droplets?
I think this is my most favorite outfit that I wore during our trip to Baguio. I was unconsciously following the current trends, maybe? I got my bomber jacket last month, just for a post-Christmas present for myself unknowingly we'll to go Baguio. Just the perfect timing! I am not really a last-minute shopper that buys stuff in panic so they could wear something new for their upcoming trip, except for bikinis of course or if it's needed that much.

We took these photos at KenonRoad View Point. Just in case you're wondering where. We didn't totally enjoy the scenery. There was quite a lot of fog and it was raining. Also, the main reason people go here is to take pictures. Very quick. Quick and worth enough your extra cash to hold your taxi service waiting for you while you take your photo souvenirs. Damn, we've waited and walked for 30 minutes just to get a taxi going back! Taxis in Baguio is really in demand and always on full load. So if ever you're planning to KenonRoad, hold your taxi service! Just a tip of advice.

I don't really wanna ruin that day since it was my birthday so we just seized the day and put all the bad vibes away. After all, I can choose to shoo away the negative mood swings of mine. I was sort of buoyant most of the times. Hope you like these photos! My boyfriend is getting better taking pictures of my outfits. Haha. Details will be posted on the end of this post. Enjoy! xx

Bomber Jacket: Stradivarius / Top: Forever21
Skirt and Shoes: H&M


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  2. Love the whole outfit specially the color of the jacket and skirt! Really can't go wrong with earth tones. :)