90's Outfit on a 21st Century

Friday, April 1, 2016

Old stuff. Damn old flare faded denims from the 90s closet is coming back! Complete with my Old Navy pants which is literally considered old that I loved wearing when I was still in highschool. Have fun and spin to the retro years with the returning flaring bottom of your jeans. Keep things dapper, bearing the cropped style and chic summer calling wedges will keep your look young and and hip no matter what.

// Re: Personal Musing //

A blast from the past. It's funny how time flies so fast. We're living on the modern generation where everybody wishes for a break from the fast changes in our lives. I'm pretty sure you've been bowing your head down, glancing at your touch screen, scrolling your fingers through your growing social media accounts. We all do that right? I admit I'm also one of you guys, who kills time by tapping and scrolling, listening to the songs on my music library, or just have a quick nap while going/travelling somewhere -- work, school, etc. Can't blame you, it's how life is right now. It's the kind of lifestyle that we should learn how to master and survive. But we all crave for a pause, time-out, break from all these things. And sometimes, we wish if we could just turn back time. But you cannot. We all have options to choose from, choose well. I don't think we need to overlook small things just to see the bigger ones. Keep your head up every now and then, that way you can see the beauty of living life in a much better picture. Appreciate the whopping love and all the little things.

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What I Wore?
Flare Pants - Old Navy / Top - H&M / Watch - Daniel Wellington
Glasses - Zalora Ph (Use this code and get a sitewide discount of 15% off - ZBAPQDXN )

Special thanks:
Wedges - Style Collaboration with CLN
click here to avail discount on www.cln.com.ph when you hit checkout

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