Personal Musings Vol. 1

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

(Photo Credit: Me, Myself and I :p)

As I'd like to keep my blog's content majority to fashion but adding a little personal touch-ups will not be a nuisance I think.
This is my personal blog where I can post whatever I want to, but I'd like to keep the fashion and beauty category at least 80%. I don't even talk about fashion on the additional texts inserted on each posts. I'd like to keep it real. A little transparency about my personal life is something I want to see and read after several years.

Looking back through my old blog posts, I can say I've changed. A good change I guess. I have improved a lot especially on my physical appearance. Lol. Ganda ko na teh. Aminin.

Kidding aside. Life lately? Hmm.. So what's keeping me busy?

(Photo: Our Hotel in Baguio)

So after the Baguio trip with my boyfie, things just went tougher than before. I have to save money double time because of my brother's grad fee and final exams payments. I am sort of a bread winner to my family. As soon as I started working for real, (I was a facebook admin/full time campaign blogger for 2 months), I supported my brother's college education since his first year until he graduated last week. I decided to get a real job in the corporate world, well, for experience and to socialize. 

So finally! The biggest achievement  that I've done so far is having my brother graduated a bachelor's degree on Marine Transportation. I know it's not yet that big, he should work his ass off for him to be successful. But having all the stress and pressure to support him in his educational needs are (well I can finally say it) all worh it.

(Location: PICC | my brother's graduation)

Being a scholar during my college days, I don't need to call on my mom for term fees except for my allowances. But I realized, having the responsibility to send a 'kid' to school is such a hardwork. I really appreciate my mom's sacrifices before but right now, it's even more. Don't know how to express my gratitude to my mom in a 'nice' way but surely she knows how I feel.

Too much for a single event. And quite heavy. So let me write about more random stuff.

I booked a flight for our 3rd anniversary to eeeppp-- surprise. Will let you know soon. Scored sale seats on a random day. I'm not so lucky on announced ticket sales so I'm really really happy when I visited Cebu Pacific website. No plans at all. I just want to check on schedules. Hollaaa, got 2 tickets for only 1,300 pesos. We are so excited! We'll going to focus on saving money on May, after paying our other debts. Lol.

Tried an eat-all-you-can restaurant, the Vikings Luxury Buffet, to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. With me, alone. :) I already blogged our first time experience which you can read here, clicky click!
Well, we also had a day to celebrate with his family, a pre-birthday celebration in a public resort. I super enjoyed the slides and the wave pool! The slides though gave me a slight injury on the lower portion of my right ribs.

Also, the thing why I didn't published this post right away because I was joining an Instagram giveaway, the #SMAccessoriesxZoukOut promo of SM Accessories. Actually, I'm not aware of Zouk Out. What caught my attention was the 3D2N (I just received a call that it'll be extended, so it's a 4D3N summer getaway!) Boracay trip with inclusions of flight tickets back and forth (MNL-KLO-MNL) and free hotel accommodation courtesy of Astoria Hotel and Resorts. Yess, I know, I am so lucky and #feelingblessed to win the contest. It's drawn via raffle so? I am so freaking happy! Can't contain my happiness right now. I will be going to Boracay again!

(Compilation of photo entries! Winner! hehe)

The first time I went there was last year to celebrate my boyf's birthday. What's so freaking exciting about our upcoming trip is that it'll be on Labor day! Hence, I can sing la la la Laboracay.  Haha! I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy with all the celebrities that will be having their vacation. It is that time of the year and the very common day that big celebrities usually visit Boracay for a break!! I'm so excited to take selfies with them, and top bloggers that'll be attending the Zouk Out too. I am an active social media follower so yes, I stalk them almost everyday. I guess this is the good thing of using Internet and being an avid follower. I will surely give you guys a preview of everything that it'll be happening this weekend on my snapchat, you may add me on @itsmariahazel.

That's all I can share right now. Quite a very lengthy post. My blog as an online diary? Why not? ;)

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