The Weekend

Friday, August 19, 2016

Last weekend's errand was quite tiring yet really fun. 

Honestly, I prefer spending my rest day at home. Call me lazy but I'm not the type of person who loves to stroll around the city walks. Now you know why I love online shopping. 

What happened last weekend? 
I got the chance to try the latest technique of brow-enhancing tool, and that's the eyebrow embroidery. You may check my previous post to read my review. (link here) Woke up really early for my appointment on that bipolar-weather kind of day. After taking a shower, I glimpse of the sun was peeking out of my window but minutes later, it started raining. I was planning to wear my new blocked sandals but I have to change wearing my overused boots. Boo, such a waste to give time and effort to clean my nails. I don't know if you should consider it gross that me, as a girl, don't care that much to fix my nails.

Aside from some beauty loo, I didn't forget the most important thing and added "eating" to my list. Wondering what's with the paper bag? A take-out from Sunnies Cafe. We visited their first ever branch at Bonifacio High Street, I'll be posting my food review right after this post! 

Lastly, watched Suicide Squad at SM Aura Cinema and it was errrr 'okay'. I think the movie is good but not quite to the extent I'll go crazy and babbling about it after watching. They should've added more fight scenes rather than the drama. It was fun because of the crazy Harley Quinn and surprised by the Enchantress, played by the Cara Delevigne. 

So that pretty much sums up the whole tiring day. My body was totally sore (errrr, my legs, ohmygawd, my legs!), I jumped on my bed and sleep right away!

And yes, this is an outfit post with a lot of personal rant..

I'm wearing a black dress and a shirt underneath. I noticed that this kind of outfit combination is coming back as I watched Korean drama series. A certified 90s signature look, perfectly safe go-to pair to deal with this bipolar weather.

Please do notice my eyebrows. lol. I don't have any brow pencil on it! These photos was taken after my eyebrow embroidery session. Totally amazeballs. Sorry for the haggard messy hair look, I promise to get a haircut sooner, it grows quickly. I think my hair is 8 inches longer right now, 7 months after my last haircut.

What I Wore?

Top: Forever21 | Dress: Zalora | Shoes: H&M
Necklace: Rings & Tings | Tote Bag: Mango | Watch: Harper & Brooks

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