Silver Chic

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The dream hair color that could totally damage my hair came to life! And it's so awesome!
Showing off my jacket and pants that I got from Wrangler. Styled by the pretty fashion blogger, Patricia Prieto, together with Nicole Andersson during our Style Sesh in Wrangler's Trinoma branch. Patricia asked me what kind of outfit inspo that I have in mind so she could pick the right ensembles to match my personal taste. I don't really have any ideas that time, I was so stunned by their beautiful faces, so I just said my usual taste on clothes which is comfy style.

Actually, I also got a plain white shirt from the men's section of the store. But I decided to wear the ones with prints which is also the same size that I have. I'm really happy with all the items that Patricia picked for me! Totally my style! :)

New hair color? For real? How did you edit it? I'm sharing it to you guys, so chill!!!

As I was scrolling on my Instagram feed then I stumbled upon Vern Enciso's post about turning her hair purple using an app called Make Up Plus. I've been seeing posts about this awesome application which highlights on editing your face but the hair coloring tools was just new, so I gave it a try! It was so awesome to have this cool granny silver hair color even just in photos, I decided to edit the entire layout and publish this blog post!

Unfortunately, my photos was reduced to smaller sizes, so I hope the quality wasn't bad at all. Some photos were not perfectly edited if you'll notice, but that doesn't stop me from posting this. Gaawwd! I wished I can turn my hair like this, but I'm afraid the bleaching process may cause some serious dryness and damages, so I'll stick with my old balayage hair that I had done last year. 

Where to go Dora Hazel? lol

The studs at the back pockets of my pants are customized. You can have it personalize if you buy in their store either you like it ripped, studded, and also add some patches. I love the Shape Keeper jeans because it's stretchable that hugs your legs and hips into the right shape. I could truly rely on its flexibility to adjust on my waistline after a pig-out session. Unlike my other jeans, I have to unbutton so I could breathe! Grabe, ang takaw ko guys! haha

Jacket and Jeans: Wrangler | White Tee: No Brand
Bag: Chicwish | Boots: HM | Choker: Forever 21
Watch: Harper and Brooks | Glasses: Zalora

Love Always, 
Maria Hazel


  1. You're so gorg! ❤ I'll try the Make Up Plus app and experiment my hair color without damaging my hair strands. Haha!

    xo, Jam |

  2. You're so gorg! ❤ I'll try the Make Up Plus app and experiment my hair color without damaging my hair strands. Haha!

    xo, Jam |

  3. Yay! Thank you Jamaica! Go try the app. It's really awesome and very addicting. :)