Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme x Love The Ocean Launch

Monday, October 31, 2016

Experience the ocean as never before with the new limited edition Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme.

Last week, I had an opportunity to attend the launch of the new fragrance of Davidoff's "Ocean Extreme" at Manila Yacht Club together with its new ambassadors, environmentalists and influencers. I've learned so many things that can help us save the ocean from being destroyed. I'm so excited to share with you guys how can we participate and support the Pristine Seas mission to protect the ocean with Davidoff. :)

For almost three decades, Davidoff Cool Water has been the essence of the ocean. It was the first to harness the force and freshness of the ocean in its iconic aquatic fragrance; the first to capture its immensity in its emblematic blue flask; the first to take a stand towards the protection of the ocean with the launch of a pioneering partnership with National Geographic.

Since 2011, the Pristine Seas by National Geographic was established and it is a project where its mission is to try to save as much of the ocean as possible. And since 2012, Davidoff has supported the ocean expeditions, explorations and scientific research of the Pristine Seas. For five years, Davidoff helps the project explore and document fragile marine environments across the globe with the ambitious goal of protecting 10% of the world’s ocean by 2020. 

And this year 2016, you too can help to protect 10,000m² of ocean by simply purchasing specially marked bottles of Davidoff Cool Water and Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme.   

More than ever inspired by the ocean, Davidoff Cool Water now introduces a new fragrance this summer: Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme. Audacious, uncompromisingly modern, Ocean Extreme sets out to explore uncharted waters, inexorably driven on by the mysterious pull of the unknown. Forging ahead, pushing the limits, it reveals the ocean as never before, evoking this force of nature at its most awe-inspiring – unfathomable depths, immeasurable spaces, breathtaking power, exhilarating sensations…  

Reinterpreting the iconic Davidoff Cool Water fragrance, Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme plays with intensities and new accords to highlight an unexplored facet of the ocean – a compelling, contemporary fougere aromatic marine fragrance created by Antoine Lie and Jean Jacques (Takasago Fragrance House). The top notes of frozen Peppermint, Juniper Berries and Rosemary release a blow of pure, ice-cold air, while the elemental force of the ocean is evoked by the powerful note of Sandalwood, complemented by Lavender and Geranium, in the heart. In the dry-down, virile Cedarwood, together with ozonic Seaweed and Crystal Musk, create an extreme, masculine signature, hinting at new marine territories waiting to be explored.   

Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme 200ml bottle is presented in a navy blue metal box, embossed with the wind rose motif, like a call for a voyage to the distant waters. Inside, the alluring clear blue flask is revealed, its light blue shades conveying the quintessential freshness of the scent. The 75ml limited edition is carried in a classic metallic folding box.  

So are you an ocean lover? #LoveTheocean campaign of DavidOff donates $1 to National Geographic to support the Pristine Seas mission to protect the ocean with every purchase of the limited edition 200ml Davidoff Cool Water Ocean Extreme. Go spread the word about ocean conservation and take the action. Make the difference!

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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