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Friday, January 13, 2017

What is Salad box? + It's time to get those Vampire Diaries vibe..
I got this box last year but I've been really busy of all the December rush happenings. Ugh, but hey it's a brand new year, so that means it's time for some new beauty stuff to discover! Though what I'm sharing to you right now is my December Salad Box, I just wanna show to you guys what are the things that you may get.

For those who don't know Salad Box, it's a subscription box whereas you get samples and/or sometimes full-size items of different types of products mostly beauty and lifestyle. You can subscribe for 3 months, or six or even for a year! What I really liked about this kind of subscription box is that you get stuff delivered right next to your doorstep and get SURPRISE about what's in it and try the samples. Like, "Oh-My-Gosh what is this stuff??!?" *insert shock O-face*

You probably have your brows meeting together now, yes you get samples of different products so you can TRY IT FIRST. You can test if this and that is fine with you and if you'll like it, you can actually buy the full-size product on their website, As I've mentioned earlier, you may receive full-size items too! ;) Try try lang muna mamshie, okay dito legal ang magtry then decide kung go! charaught! haha!

How much does a box cost?

Women's box.
  • 3-month Starter Plus Plan - Php 1,800  
  • Six-Month Prepaid Plan - Php 3,300
  • One Year Prepaid Plan - Php 5,500
Men's box. There are three Saladbox Man subscriptions:
  • Saladbox Man Single - Php 600 + shipping fee (1-box package)
  • Saladbox Man Starter - Php 1,800 + FREE shipping (3-box package within a 6-month period)
  • Saladbox Man Patriot - Php 1,800 FREE shipping + FREE sixth box (6-box package within a 12-month period)
All subscriptions are prepaid.  

What are the products that you may receive? To know more about their partner brands, you may read about Saladbox E-Commerce store here: Click link* Take note, their partner brands are huge and one of the best in the beauty industry. :) You can actually get to choose what are the items that you'd want to receive through Sample Select, that they'll send throughout e-mails. For more info, I suggest you read their faq's page here.

So here are the items that I received from my Vampire Diaries box. A black mallows fluffy scrub which is really really cute and very smooth to my skin.

A sample products of Aloe items which is mostly whitening products. As you can see, I received samples only so instead buying a tube of these items that you're not so sure if its effective to you or not, you can test it first in small quantity. If you like the effect and you'd like to purchase the full-size, get in on their website. Or if it doesn't suit you, it's okay at least you've tried it right? There's no harm on trying! :D Charaught!

A sample scent of  Thierry Mugler. OMG, this smells really really nice guys! I love the scent so much.

I also had the chance to tried Mary Kaye eye shadows.

And of course, a Mary Kaye lippie in  the shade of Crushed Berry. It is the perfect shade to achieve that vampy look we're all drooling about!

So that's my December Salad Box. Haha! I was really really busy to blog about this right away but I used the products already before the year 2016 ends. :) I can definitely recommend this Salad Box subscription especially for girls and guys out there who loves to try and discover more beauty products! 

Visit to know more.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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