Celeteque Encourages Women to Always #ThinkPlusBeautiful

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We sometimes encounter questions like, if you only need to choose one, what would it be? "Beauty OR brains?" Don't ever choose only one between those choices! We should answer it confidently that we can be both!  Let's stop this stereotype that women can only be known for either its good looks or amazing intelligence.

I always believe that a person always have a choice and who's woman doesn't want to embrace beauty and intelligence at once, right?

Skin care and beauty products in one are achievable with Celeteque #ThinkPlusBeautiful campaign. Yes, you can do both at the same time with its hypoallergenic formula which is guaranteed safe for everyday use by health experts.

With this, Celeteque #ThinkPlusBeautiful featured three lovely ladies as their ambassadors to serve as living examples that beauty and brains can coexist : Shamcey Supsup -the beauty pageant title holder and bar exam topnotch-er architect, Ian Banzon - medical doctor and national athlete, and Marie Lozano - fashionable journalist and news correspondent. These three gorgeous ladies shared their own personal experiences and inspired me that whenever or what ever field, we, women can achieve beautiful skin with our smart beauty choices.

Celeteque DermoScience skin care and DermoCosmetics make up lines covers a wide range of products that improve plus beautiful the skin. I noticed that their packaging have color legends for each types! I am not sure though if I am correct but I hope it helps you when choosing your skin beauty products:

Yellow : (for dry skin)Hydration, Advanced Anti- Aging, Sun Care
Sky Blue: (for acne prone and sensitive skin) Acne Solutions
Pink: (for acne prone skin) Brightening
Metallic Gray: (make-up) Everyday Cosmetics

Did I mention that they have a product for your hair and scalp? Don't forget our scalp is also part of our skin that we should take good care of! I am actually having a problem with my scalp for a long time now so maybe I should give this product a try!

They have a wide range of functional Acne Solutions too like this Back Acne Spray! Now you don't need to struggle putting those creams on your back.

Every time I have breakouts, I have this habit of not putting make-up because usually make-up products tends to irritate the affected skin more. That's why I am very amazed to discover that Celeteque have a Cosmetics line! I don't do that much exploring on Watsons so I am not aware of this. (Shame on me, lol) Now I will never be afraid of using concealer or foundation every time my face is experiencing its dull moments.

I have tons of new Celeteque products that I am currently using. I'll try to review some products! :)

To know more about Céleteque's #ThinkPlusBeautiful campaign, visit www.céletequedermo.com, Like and Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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