Unboxing BDJ Box Elite Box Colour Collection May 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

A 4k worth of beauty products for just Php 1,480? Who wouldn't want that right?! 

So this month, I am currently hosting a giveaway with BDJ Box giving one lucky follower the same box that I have right now. If you haven't joined yet, then you better check my Instagram account @itsmariahazel for the mechanics. 

BDJ Box is a beauty products discovery service for usm, women. To simplify, it's a subscription box. BDJBox.com curate 5-6 deluxe/full sized beauty products monthly. You can choose from the ff. plan subscription:
  • 1 month prepaid plan
  • 3 months prepaid plan
  • 6 months prepaid plan

The price of each subscription depends on your prepaid plan period starting from Php 580.  If you haven't tried a subscription box before, you need to read the rest of FAQs on this link.

This May BDJ Box with Colour Collection is only a sample on what kind of products do they put on your box every month. Every month has a different brands and products being featured so you better hold on tight for a sweet surprise every time you receive this magical black box! 

But if you want to make sure you’ll get a specific month’s box like this one (May 2017), you can also email them at hello@bdjbox.com to check if its is still available.

I am so lucky to score this May BDJ Box by the way!!! Why? Because look at the complete set of make-up from Colour Collection! OMG. It's worth Php 4,000 that you can get for only Php 1,450. I think that's pretty much a good deal.  

Shall we start unboxing and see what's inside my BDJ Box May Collection?

Basically, its the everyday make-up essentials that is very compact to bring on a daily basis. Inside the BDJ Box is a Dual Powder Foundation and trio eyeshadow.

Eyeshadows, Blush And Contour Palette.

Lengthening Mascara.

Liquid Eyeliner Pen!

And also a Brow Mascara. It's actually my first time to have a product like this one and I didn't stop using it since then. I love how it makes my brow hair intact giving my eyebrows a sharp and clean look.

Lastly, a six creamy matte lipsticks that comes with a beautiful shades. If you're a lipstick lover, you'll definitely love this because it has all the variety of shades that you can use for day and night make-up look. 

And that's it! Everything is so pretty and gives you a lasting impression. It's a complete set of Colour Collection make-up products. You can get this on BDJBox.com! 

I am not sure if they still have this box, but don't forget you can actually ask for a specific box if you want to. Just shoot them an e-mail and voila! But if you love surprises like me, then go subscribe and have fun with new products to try! :)

For more info:
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @bdjbox

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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