Quick Overnight Pimple Solution | PureDerm Spot Reducer Gel Patches Review

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Proven and tested by yours truly!

This is not the first time that I will feature PureDerm Spot Reducer Gel Patches on my blog. I think I already introduced this on my old skin care routine blogpost way back years ago.

I just wanted to share with you guys a product that is really effective for me. It helps me prevent pimples to pop even bigger and sometimes even fades them overnight! Awesomeness level 100. 😊

I don't really have a sensitive or acne-prone skin but I have a combination of dry and oily skin that makes my face get easily irritated when exposed to heat and of course, the city dirt! Guys, I'm a commuter. I ride a jeep, tricycle, MRT, and bus! I am not always on a private car going to work and events. So don't expect a flawless looking skin. So my pimples usually pops out either when I'm stress or didn't double-cleanse my face after a terrible traffic (ang ewww ko 'di ba? Haha).

How to use it?
  • If you're wearing make-up, I suggest better yet use a make-up remover then rinse water. Although there's already a micellar water that doesn't require you to wash again your face with water, I prefer to still rinse with water. Well that's for me guys, because I have big pores and oily skin! 😉
  • Then put everything on that is part of your usual night skincare routine. Toner, serum, night cream or whatever you usually put on your face! (Dami pampaganda teh?!)
  • Leave the pimple area dry and go ahead patch it! It'll reduce the size of your pimple or even heal it overnight as for my experience. Depends  on your pimple's "situation", it might take a few days sometimes. But at least you don't need to force pop or squeeze it, preventing acne scars.

Purederm Spot Reducer Gel Patches is available at Watsons. The box with 30 pieces patches retails only for Php 100. I think that's a pretty cheap and affordable.

Disclaimer: This product may have a positive effect on my skin but please bear in mind that we have different skin types. :)

Hope you guys like this post!

Love Always,
Maria Hazel


  1. I muat try this one!! Thank you for sharing ����

  2. I've tried many products, but dermalmd scar serum works! Scars faded, sometimes overnight. Not only does it remove scars, but it removes impurities and enhances your complexion. Such a great product at a great price. I highly recommend dermalmd to anyone.

  3. Is it okay to use the patch after a facial treatment?

    1. Much better since your pores are still a little open after a facial treatment. :)

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