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Friday, August 18, 2017

Just being meh! lol

So guys, OMG! I already have a freakin' ringlight. And I am just so dammmnnnn happyyyyyy!!! I am not a pro make-up artist. I am not 'so' good on make-up stuff but hey nobody told me that only pros can actually get a ringlight. This is not sponsored. Duh? Not everything I have are sponsored. Lol!

I just saw this ad on Facebook about a cheap ringlight from the one and only, Kimstore. If that name sounds new to you gurl, search it up now on Facebook and give 'em a like. For your quick information, it's an online shop that sells mobile, gadgets, laptops, cameras and etc. for a very affordable price. 

If you're from Philippines, you can get this 18" LED dimmable ringlight with all the necessary accessories for only Php 4,800. I got mine with a camera and phone holder, 2 batteries, charger, warm and cool light filters and also a tripod. It's an all-in deal so I grabbed the chance right away. 

I don't have any photo of my ringlight because obviously, its always behind my camera. But here's a link. To order direct from their website, then go here.

It's 100% legit guys. I got this with my own money! *le cries* ~ But I am really satisfied with the effects of the ringlight especially that I do make-up looks sometimes. I don't need to worry about the natural light. That I can't take a proper selfie of my 'masterpiece' because the sun's going down. And blah blah excuses.

Here's some photos that I took with my ringlight!

Also, if you're a Filipino who loves kwela at nakakatawang make-up tutorial, here you go. Hahaha! Pasensya na guys, sobrang hyper ko that time. It's pinned on my Facebook page, hope you can like and share it with your friends! :)

Make-Up Products Used:
Primer: Celeteque Dermo
Concealer & Liquid Liner: ClubClio PH
Foundation, Lipstick, Falsies, Highlighter & Powder: J.Cat Beauty
Brow Pencil: Colourette Cosmetics
Brow Mascara: Ccolour Collection via BDJ Box
Eyeshadow: Stila Cosmsetics

Enjoy! Ciao! 

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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