Free Wrangler 2018 Planner And Travel Tips

Monday, October 30, 2017

Where to go for your next adventures?
We're exactly two months away to year 2018, have you enjoyed this year so far? Did you went somewhere interesting? Or you just started planning to make things better next year? As the saying goes: new year, new life, new you! It's not necessary to change completely but planning ahead your next trips is one of the nicest treat that you could give yourself.

Travelling is one of the happiest things to do especially when you're already working, like me. It's like a sweet escape from all the stress that life is giving you. Haha. :) You earn money, save a portion for you next beach trip perhaps? mountain climbing, exploring a new city, country and etc. Go ahead! life is too short to sit down and stay on your comfort zone for too long. Explore the world, live to wander! 

So if you're a sucker to planning your travels like me, I'm sharing you a good news and some tips on travelling!

First, get a planner. It's actually great that you can monitor your schedules and jot down little things that you might need on the future. Planning your memories, one page at a time! I just got my very own Wrangler 2018 planner last week for FREE!*

Second, invest on a good camera. It can be your phone, a mirrorless or dslr camera. Capture them! For me, I love taking good photos so I wound't forget even the tiniest detail that makes a trip fun and memorable.

Third, check seat sales!!! I always turn on my notification for AirAsia and Cebu Pacific apps. Last time, I even booked a Php 1,200 airfare two-way ticket going to Davao. Seriously? Amazing right?!

Lastly, plan everything, sort and jot down all the things you will bring. If you're going to a beach trip soon, click this link to know my beach summer essentials. 

*So just in case you might want this planner too, its all yours for a minimum purchase of PHP4,000 in any Wrangler store nationwide. 

To know more about Wrangler 

How about you? How do you make your travel memorable? Do you also plan ahead? Share your thoughts! I wan't to know! :)

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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