Balayage Ash Gray Hair - FAQs

Monday, November 13, 2017

Here’s my answers to the frequently asked questions about my new hair!
I spent my rest day last Sunday at @BeautyLounge.PH’s salon in Grand Emerald Tower in Pasig and got a new hair color which is their on-going promo. So here’s some deets that you might a ‘lil curious about.

What shade is it?
It’s their signature Ash tone color. 

How much?
Php 2,500 - on going promo at any length

Where is Beauty Lounge located?
ADB Avenue near Robinsons Galleria or Meralco (in between) I went from Rob Galleria and made my way from the back exit of the mall taking the overpass. 

Did they bleached it?
I believe gray colors required some bleaching, so absolutely yes. They didn’t bleach mine because obviously, my hair is totally overly bleached already, so they just proceeded to coloring it right away.

I want the same color as yours! How?
-If you want an ombre balayage style like my hair, make sure to present my before and after photo to their hair stylist. They will surely give you an advice whether your current hair situation can achieve it.

-If you have a black or dark brown hair, do not expect the result to be exactly like mine.

How many bleaching session do I need to achieve your hair color?

I DIY bleach my own hair. The tip (almost white) was bleached 4 times already while the middle was bleached 1 or 2 times.

Will they bleach my hair too?

Yes, they will definitely bleach your hair. It’s included on your Php 2,500 payment.

What is bleaching?
It is a process of turning your natural hair color to a lighter one permanently. 

Black > Brown > Orangey Brown > Corn Yellow > Beautiful Blonde
Still depends on what kind of bleaching powder they will use.

What is an ombre balayage?
It’s a combination of ombre and balayage style. Ombre is a beautiful gradient hair color while balayage is uneven highlighting resulting to a pretty beach looking hair. My hair is considered ombre balayage because of having gradient brassy blonde and a little bit of highlight that I did myself.
I would suggest that you should clear this to the hairstylist to achieve my hair color!

How many hours did the process took?

Well, like what I’ve said, they didn’t bleached mine because there is no need. They took 1 and half hour for my hair. 
So if you’re new to this, it will took 2-3 hours depends on the style you like. Make sure to show my photo or your personal pegs so you’ll get an advice before proceeding to the service.

Tips and Others:
-The Beauty Lounge Salon PH doesn’t offer hair cutting services. 
-They offer different shades like red, blue, blonde, brown etc.
-Book an appointment first! 
-Contact via IG DM or Call/SMS to this number: +63 936 347 6564
-Follow them on Instagram for grab more discount deals
-Make sure your using a purple or color protect shampoo so you could make your new hair color lasts longer!

That’s it guys! :) Do you have more questions? Just commmet it down below and I’ll try to answer more!

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about this ash air color. I never thought I would love a dark color because I’ve been a blonde for a long time now. The’s signature ash tone definitely compliments my skin and is a great way to get away with my old brassy blonde hair! :) What do you think?

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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