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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Warning: This is everybody's Pastel dream! (Photos + Video Tour)

The Dessert Museum will finally open its sugar-filled, pastel heaven and ultimate IG-worthy place to the public on Feb. 10, 2018. It's the newest and currently the hottest selfie spot and Insta-addicts' favorite place in Manila. Here's what you're going to see when you enter the 12,000 square feet museum that will satisfy everyone's sugar-filled dreams and absolutely going to love! I know you're feeling giddy to know more info about this place so here you go:

Where is it located? 
  •  The Dessert Museum ,S Maison Conrad Hotel Mall, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines
How much?
  • Php 699 - Book Online 
  • Php 799 - Walk In
Where to book?
  • Just click here.
  • TIP: Book it online! You'll probably not getting any slots if you try walking-in. It's hella fully-booked already on its first weekend. 
  • Remember there is a minimum time only for your visit. They're very strict when it comes to booking appointments because aside from the limited time, they also have a minimum no. of persons allowed inside. This is to prevent the place from being crowd-y, which is I think is good thing so you guys can take a set of very nice photos.
  • 2 Hour Museum Tour 
  • 15 Minutes per room (total of 8 mouth-watering rooms!)
  • 6 FREE mini desserts 
8 Dessert-Themed Rooms?
  1. Donuts
  2. Marshmallow 
  3. Naughty and Nice
  4. Ice cream
  5. Bubbles and Balloons
  6. Gummy Bears 
  7. Cotton Candy 
  8. Cake Pops
6 FREE Mini Desserts?
  • Yup, the moment you step on Dessert Museum's lobby entrance, someone will approach you to give you a candy. And as you go through every room, there is a mini stall inside for your free desserts. You'll get marshmallows, ice cream, cotton candy and etc. that you can eat while going through the area.
What are you going there?
  • Nothing much but to basically duh, take photos! For Instagram, Facebook or to whatever social media you want to post it or maybe just keep it to yourself?
  • If you're not into taking artsy photos, you'll probably not enjoy it because you're actually paying the place to take pictures.
So are you excited to visit The Dessert Museum and indulge your sweet-tooth as well? Yass! As far as I know, The Dessert Museum have a 1 year contract to S Maison, Conrad Hotel Mall. We still don't know if they're going to extend so just in case, at least I've let you know guys! ;) 

And here's some sneak peek photos we took last weekend. Hope you like it as much as I do.

The Dessert Museum cone-shaped door handle is so cute!

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

Fave room! 

Too bad I didn't get the chance to eat some of the free marshmallows in this room. Huhu. I bet the chocolate, strawberry fountain tastes so good. (Watch my video to see more!)

Candy Cane Groves
Twinning with my besh, @dhencayabyab! This photos looks like a perfect collage but nope! 

This room is filled with balloons and ice cream designs obviously! And I love their Avocado flavored ice cream. 

The Giant Gumball with lots of flying balloons inside. 

Aside from the colorful bath tubs and hanging gummy bears, there are also giant gummy bears in this room which I didn't took a picture. You can see it though on my vlog below! :)

My second fave room. It's a freaking pink cotton candy forest!

Yeahhhhh, I know what you think! HAHA. Queuing, Wrecking Ball song. Lol

And that's it! There's a giveaway stalls after you exit this final room. 

And just in case, I vlog my The Dessert Museum experience! If you wanna see more of the place, then watch this:

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My photos were taken by @dhencayabyab. Post process by Me. :)

What I Wore?

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Skirt: Romwe
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Shades: Sunnies Studios

Love Always,
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