Colourette Face Gloss Highlighter Review

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Because we all need that glow!💫

Colourette Cosmetics, a local cosmetic brand here in the Philippines, has been dropping bombs ever since the summer began with its colourtints, coloursnaps, liquid lipsticks, and now its highlighter! ✨

It was launched last April and we got to experience first dibs during the Colourette Summer Getaway. Anyway, let’s go straight to business as I give you my review of these Face Glosses.

Colourette highlighter product, according to their website, Face Gloss is an ultra-fine pressed highlighter and is packed with jaw-dropping pigment that’ll surely make everything lit! 

Shades: Colourette Face Gloss is available in 3 shades, namely: 

Purple Haze - said to be the most subtle among the three shades. It gives you enough glow. Perfect for fair skin tone. 

Dream Quartz - my most favorite shade because it suits perfectly on my morena skin tone. It’s champagne in color that could also look great on mestizas. 

Northern Beam - Girl, this is for you when you want to blind them haters instantly. This looks great on either medium to dark skin, cold or warm tones. Definitely serving you the glowest sheen you want! 


It’s sealed in a round sturdy, minimalistic pink, plastic packaging similar to its flexifoundation and powders with a mirror compact.


Colourette Face Gloss is a little powdery but there’s no visible chunk of glitters. It’s easy to blend. The highlighter is very pigmented and buildable so you can achieve the level of blinding effect you love!

It feels like a loose powder when you try to strobe your brush into it so you have to really tap your brush back onto the compact to save some product. All in all, the important part is it really serves you the glowwwww. Oh, did I mention that it has mineral contents? Yay!


Preferably use a fan brush and put the highlighter on targeted areas including cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of the nose. For me, I usually use the brush for blush. Most of the times, I use my fingers applying it for more glowing effect so the pigments would just sit on the part that I want to put the product on. It’s all about your preference of application though!


I brought it once and put it on my mini make-up pouch, went somewhere in the south. I decided to retouch my highlighter, so I get my Face Gloss but when I saw it, there’s a slight dent on the product itself already. So I decided not to bring it again with me because I heard that its very fragile. Maybe you should really secure it and not put it together with your other make-up products? But then I observed that the little crack is slowly getting bigger. So one day, even if its just in my drawer, when I opened it, its broken.


It is really fragile as Colourette said they didn’t use ‘binders’. Binders are chemical make-up content that are usually put on pressed powders to make them hard. Colourette team said that they didn’t add this ingredient to make the Face Gloss ultra-fine and pigmented. So voila! Just be extra careful babes!


It retails for Php 799.

Rate: 4/5 Should have given 5 but my favorite shade, Dream Quartz is the one that I broke. Huhu. But y’all, I’m still addicted to it! I still use my remaining Dream Quartz because it blends on my skin very well and I glow like the daughter of thy sun. Also, with PH weather, you can’t stay matte so why not look dewy, radiant and GLOWy at the same time? 💁🏻‍♀️✨💕

PS: I first tested Colourette Face Gloss when I was in Ilocos and went on a 4x4 ride Sand Dunes adventure. It stayed blinding on my cheekbones throughout the day.

Where to buy:

Official website:
BeautyMNL (
Lazada (
Colourette Kiosks: SM North Edsa, SM Fairview, SM Bacoor, SM Davao, and SM Cebu.

Hope you like my review! Please let me know if you tried Colourette Face Gloss highlighter and your experience with it.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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