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Saturday, March 16, 2019

And gender reveal!

I’m popping soon, unfortunately via caesarean section. For those who don’t know I have a high risk pregnancy. Just found out about it when I was 7 and half months pregnant. To give you a little explanation, my baby’s position is okay — cephalic. It’s just that my placenta is “partially” lying-low. In medical terms they call it placenta previa partialis. I should not experience labor, so my baby needs to come out earlier than the estimated due date or else, we’re both in danger. And we don’t want that right?

So here you go, I was suggested to go on bedrest for a month because I experienced a brown discharge aka spotting. Which could cause a pre-term labor. Luckily I wasn’t the kind of pregnant who loves to exercise and walk. I swear, my belly’s just so heavy that I would walk very slowwwwww. I still managed to go on events during that time when Jeff is free to drive.
The past few weeks, my baby in my womb was full of kicks and movements. The lil fella was so active giving me assurance that he’s okay.

HE is okay.

Yup! We’re having a baby BOY!

Originally, I planned to have a gender reveal but due to personal mishaps and me needing some rest, I peek through the ultrasound photos and saw that it’s a MALE. I was really hoping for a baby girl to be honest with you guys. I experience having some darkening of the skin on my underarm & neck area but not too much. They said it’s normal for those areas to darken. My belly is stretchmark-free. My face wasn’t swollen. And my skin is really good! I think almost everybody’s bet is also a girl.
I got sad. Haha! Silly me, yes. The night that I found out about the gender, I was alone, stressing out about baby stuff. This little fella didn’t let me sleep that night as he scrambled through my belly with a lot of kicks. Sorry baby, I still love you though.
And that’s it!

Also, I want to add the things that I learned during pregnancy. Just some thoughts now that I’m an expecting mother.

* As a parent, you would do everything for your child. You’ll try so hard to give them the best of care.
* Appreciated my mom more.
* Getting sensitive on how to act and react on sensitive things that is pregnancy related.
* It’s a whole new chapter and level of adulting.
* Women sacrifice a lot.

I got really sensitive during my pregnancy. I hate people who doesn’t give extra care for pregnant women. Now, I know why pregnants are always on priority because for Pete’s sake, please realize that we’re carrying a life inside our womb!

Just a tip also, don’t point out the changes on a pregnants’ body. We know what’s happening. It’s annoying how people say I gained weight and etc. I just take consideration that most of these people haven’t experienced being pregnant yet and it’ll be a waste of my energy to get angry.

Okay, that’s it. That is really it.

Okay, that’s it. That is really it.

We did this DIY maternity photoshoot! Thanks to hubby, Jeffrey, for the lovely photos.

Thank you for being part of my pregnancy journey.

Now, what should I name my baby? His dad wants to name him ‘Silver Rayleigh’ while I would want to have ‘Asher’ which means happiness.
Silver Asher?
Asher Rayleigh?

What’s your suggestion? Or do you have other names in mind? Comment it below! :)

Next is motherhood life!

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Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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