NEW! Olay BodyScience Body Wash #DontLeaveYourBodyBehind

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Give yourself a reLUXE moment every bath time with this new Olay product!

Bath time is like a ME-time not just to us moms but I think to every person on adulting stage. It’s where we make the decision on something huge or empty our minds from the chaotic world we live in.

With the current pandemic, how often do you take a bath now? 3 or 4? Or more? Added that we live in a tropical country! With the frequent use of anti-bacterial soaps and alcohol, it tends to dry our skin!

So I recommend with you to reLUXE every bath time with @olayphilippines newest #OlayBodyGlow! 💗🚿 

After a longggg day at work, I’ve been treating myself with the NEW Olay BodyScience Body Wash with Niacinamide (B3+). I added this product on my bath routine to add some moisture (and luxury) to my skin.

I’m so glad that Olay Body Wash have Vitamin B3 or also known as "Niacinamide". It’s so nice that the most talked about skincare ingredient is infuses to your skin to give you bright and radiant skin for more or less than a month / 28 days! It does more than just wash, it cleanses your skin but leaving it smooth and moisturized.

The packaging looks really good. Very luxurious! I like that it’s in a pump bottle. But overall, I think the Olay BodyScience Body wash is so good! When I first tried it, it made my skin smooth and stays hydrated throughout the day but without a coated heavy feeling. I like that the product can be rinse easily. 

What does Niacinamide do?
* Cleanses and nourishes from head to toe
* Increases ceramide and fatty acid levels to improve skin hydration
* Repairs skin barrier to help moisture retention
* Proven to help skin hyper pigmentation 
* Helps fade age spots, and lightens and whitens the skin

They currently have 3 variants with different premium scents:

• Cleansing & Nourishing
• Cleansing & Firming
• Cleansing & Brightening (my fave because of the gentle and subtle scent)

The Olay Body Wash’s scent is so good! I feel like I lather in luxury every time I use it. It helps me feel relax and enjoy washing myself with it. It smells like a perfume but not too strong. And most importantly, I get to hydrate my skin and make it healthy and look glowing!

Have you tried this new #Olay product? Give it a try and #DontLeaveYourBodyBehind when doing your skincare routine! 

Try before you buy! Get yours Sample Room PH 💕🌸 #SampleRoomPH 

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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