Women Step Up to #TheNewBrave with Whisper

Thursday, October 29, 2020

It’s been months since this pandemic turned our world upside down and tremendously affected our lives. But despite the overwhelming global crisis that we’re facing right now, there’s still a whisper of hope and continue to grow stronger, for us to survive and recover from the huge impact of this global crisis.

This pandemic has shown us a tremendous amount of hope in womankind. How women can easily adapt to the new normal in different forms of bravery that’s empathetic, persistent, and unapologetically themselves. And women continue to emerge and becomes braver.

Embrace #TheNewBrave

Whisper’s call to action during this new normal is #TheNewBrave campaign. In these changing times where bravery no longer means the same, Whisper celebrates the new bravery women have embraced in this pandemic by adapting to the situation. It’s not just developing a new hobby or learning new skills to survive and adapt to the new normal., It’s also about encouraging to learn how to pause, relax and give time for new self-care practices. These are the the things women are doing to step into #TheNewBrave.

#TheNewBrave is not about struggling to win the battle; #TheNewBrave encourages women to embrace their vulnerability because we know that discomfort is temporary and growth awaits us on the other side of our struggle. This campaign is about finding joy and victory in the small things, believing in our strength, and celebrating who we’ve become. 

#TheNewBrave is about thriving and growing through the pavement, learning how to bloom where we are planted.

Today, we are brave; Tomorrow, we are braver -- and on days when it feels like we’re taking a step back, #TheNewBrave mindset reminds us we have different paths taking but we are growing and getting stronger all the same, in our own paces.

Be Brave When You Need It Most

Whisper’s campaign aims to amplify #TheNewBrave at a time when people are most afraid of life’s uncertainties.

Women understand physical and emotional pain because it comes to us every month in varying degrees which has developed a brand of bravery that’s rooted in empathy. Now, more than ever, the world needs this culture of empathy and acceptance so others can get involved in finding their new bravery as well. Whisper’s 3x better protection* holds space for our most vulnerable moments as women, allowing us to move freely during our periods. 

The Whisper Pink (Cottony Soft) variant comes with dermacare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, moisturizes and reduces friction, and improves the skin barrier. Whisper helps enable women to still embrace #TheNewBrave and be the best that they can be even during even their most difficult cycles. Whisper’s support extends beyond its already impressive pads with 3x better protection. More than being the pad trusted by millions of women all over the world, Whisper uses its platform to celebrate all manifestations of our womanhood.

For a glimpse at what #TheNewBrave means, watch Whisper’s new video below. Together, let’s celebrate our small victories, find joy and meaning in where we are today, because as women of Whisper, we can face it together and embody #TheNewBrave in this new normal.

Whisper Cottony Soft and Super Clean & Dry is available in different packs in all leading supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.​

What's your #TheNewBrave story? 

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Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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