I am not JUST a housewife

Monday, August 16, 2021

So I stumbled upon this post that, “she wants to leave work and she JUST wants to become a housewife.”

As a HOUSEWIFE, it occurs to me that people look down on housewives. Like we’re just in our home, watching tv and doing some house chores over and over again. I never really thought of that I am JUST a housewife. I thought I was doing some heroic shit, to be honest with you. Because after giving birth, I spent 3 months of taking care of my newborn, yayaless, while trying to finish some basic chores. It was the most tiring time of my life! The level of tiredness is over 100%. No proper sleep, can’t even comb my hair, skipping skincare and can’t even look at the mirror. It’s both physically and mentally exhausting. 

Then I went back to work. 

Although mom-guilt and separation anxiety is there, I was less tired. I even have this goal to become a mother that goes to the office. But I can’t even concentrate at work. I always check on my child, wondering if he’s okay or sometimes imagining worst things like the yaya took away my child or something. I always hurry going home then I attend to my child needs at night. It was tiring too but less tired than the months I spent doing most of the things. And before you judge my husband, he cooks and help, okay?

So now, I resigned from work because the company doesn’t allow work-from-home even if its possible. I couldn’t risk getting infected with covid and bringing it home to my family. It took us months and endless arguing and discussing with husband because I was breaking down because of the anxiety of getting infected because I go out everyday. 

To be honest, I feel like I’m such a good mom that I’m with my kid 24/7. It’s a privilege I know, but I chose this knowing the hardships and struggle that my mind and body will go through. Being a housewife is nothing to be mocked, degrade, or look down by people. It’s a choice that mothers took for the betterment of our household and our lives as a family. 

Being a housewife shouldn’t be describe as boring, doing nothing. In fact, our mom brain always working like crazy, thinking if we’ve took out the laundry, took a bath, comb our hair, or changed the diapers already. Being a mother is already is hard because we’re always being a criticize and judged on how we take care of our child, what more with being a mother and housewife combined, right? I don’t even know where I get the patience with my toddler and how many times I broke down.

It’s hard and very tiring but it is very fulfilling. 

So next time, you know someone is a housewife, praise her for doing such a good work. Don’t tell us we’re so lucky to become JUST A HOUSEWIFE because we work as hard as you. Some are not given this privilege. We all have different situations. To each their own.

PS: I have a part-time work-from-home job right now and still with no yaya. So please, cut me some slack.

Love Always,

Mommy Maria Hazel

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