UNIQLO Highlights Today’s Classics with its Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

 Todays Classics

When you hear "classics," what comes to mind? Maybe a tweed jacket, trench coat, or cashmere sweater, beloved items that have stood the test of time.

But even these longstanding classics can evolve over the years. Warmer and lighter jackets, water-repellent coats, and knitwear made using WHOLEGARMENT® technology. These updates maintain an authentic look while adapting to the needs of today's lifestyle.

The lineup also features denim that requires much less water*, jackets made using recycled down, and fleeces spun from plastic bottles, items that will guide us toward a sustainable future.

Uniqlo taken a balanced and holistic approach, creating essentials that are made for all.  By designing classics for today that will last into the future.

The new collection consists of the come ultimate back of the classic corduroy and wide legged pants as 90s trends is definitely the style even both gen-z and millennials agree nowadays.

Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

To see the complete Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, visit Uniqlo's website.

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