The Girl Behind The Screen

Hello stranger,

I'm Maria Hazel - A twenty something mushy simple girl with a lop-sided smile. A fashion lover, make-up junkie, and a bit of a traveler.

Now a wife to a kind, beautiful man named Jeffrey and proud momma to my precious little one, Asher Rayleigh.

I seek for adventure. I seek for myself. I am regal, dynamic and unique. I came in many different shades and forms and it feels like I'm living a different life from day to day. A girl who has difficulty on getting a specific personality to be describe by others. I believe I'm something special - I'm a person who has always been in between, yet awesome.

Since 2013, this little blog of mine is my mini-outlet to express my thoughts about everything that I find worth sharing. I've always dream of creating a scrapbook, so here you go - Welcome to my blog!

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

Email: helloitsmariahazel@gmail.com

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  1. Cool that you fulfilled your scrapbook wish on such a huge scale successfully :) soldes